Rubus accrescens Newton

This species was described from near Lindow Common, Wilmslow by Alan Newton in 1971. A British endemic with the main populations occurring along the hill districts borderlands of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Plants are often a feature of Birch-Oak woodlands with a ground flora of Heather, Bilberry, Wavy Hair-grass and Purple Moor-grass. The species is less frequent in Lancashire vc59 and is very local near Greenfield, Greater Manchester just within vc63. A small population was discovered in Flintshire during 2007 and the voucher specimens have been confirmed by Alan Newton. This is the first record for Wales.

These images were taken at Ruff Wood, a Biological Heritage Site near Ormskirk were the population though some distance from the Cheshire/Staffordshire strongholds is steadily increasing.

I have included an image to demonstrate the upright growth of the primocanes which usually remain sub-erect, but do on occasions root at the tip. Note also the primocanes trailing along the ground which belong to another species called Rubus criniger.

Note the stems with are grooved and the declining prickles which are straight to slightly curved, the stems are often green but do become a pale brown in sunny situations. The terminate leaflets are cordate. The rachis is often densely hairy with slender declining pricklets that are usually straight. The sepals are green with numerous short hairs, and are patent to erect.