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New species were last added on the 20th September 2014

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This site was created in 2003 and currently lists 2014 different plant species (this count does not include grasses, sedges, rushes or ferns). It is hoped that this can be increased to over 2100 in the next few years and theBritish Wild Flowers website will eventually display good quality pictures of virtually all the flowers found in Britain and Ireland.  More pictures depicting different aspects of each plant will be added as and when possible; the aim of this site is to display for each flower a number of photographs covering all its features.

We need help to complete this project. If you have pictures covering new plants - or different aspects of existing plants - and would like your pictures displayed on the site, please send us an email including your pictures. Please keep the size of each picture under 700k and include its name and a rough idea of where and when it was taken. (After re-sizing the final image will be between 40k to 300k)

Photographs are displayed with the photographer's name, flower's location and the date it was taken. All photographs displayed on British Wild Flowers remain the property of the original photographers. If I receive requests to use any of these photographs then the requests will be passed to the original photographers for them to action.

Please email photos to Lynsey Crellin at                

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