Wild Flower photographic sites

Rubusology - Photographic Guide to Brambles
An excellent site, created by Keith Spurgin, for all things brambles! 

Wildflowers, Weeds, Trees and Shrubs of Devon and Cornwall
An excellent site by David Fenwick which already includes most of the flora of the area and is rapidly expanding.
Floral Images 
Another excellent photographic site covering Somerset and South West Ireland. John Crellin started with
garden flowers but has increasingly devoted the site to wild flowers and wild form species grown in
garden conditions. 
Wild Plants of the British Isles
Photographs have been taken on the British mainland and on the Islands around Great Britain including the 
Republic of Ireland. Comments against each photograph provide useful tips on how to recognise the plant together 
with general information about the plant. The site contains an interesting article on the benefits of English plant 
names compared with their Latin names.

Wildflowers of Ireland
This website is a personal record of the Wildflowers of Ireland which gives scientific descriptions, photographs 
and folklore of wild plants together with literary, herbal and medicinal references.  It has been compiled by 
ZoŽ Devlin and includes a comprehensive glossary of relevant terms together with a helpful 'In Flower Now' listing.

Carol's Cornwall
A new photograhic website dedicated to the best of what the county of Cornwall has to offer, itís glorious 
countryside, itís magical landscape and it's abundance of wildflowers and wildlife

A Photo Flora of West Yorkshire
A website dedicated to the photography of  wildflowers, shrubs and trees of West Yorkshire Towns, Cities and 
Countryside. Its aim, to educate, promote wildflowers, aid identification, increase accessibility through the medium 
of photography and the internet.
Wild Flower Finder "As well as a structured index and listings by colour, petals, stem shape, habitat, flowering month, habitat and odour it has a very powerful and highly specific search function too. With information on dyes, poisons, pharmaceuticals and any other chemicals produced by the plant, including chemical structural formulae." Isle of Skye Flora A comprehensive coverage of Skye's flora with good text against each picture. Atricilla Images The site contains images of Birds, Dragonflies, Butterflies and Plants. All taken in Britain & Ireland. Irish Wildflowers A photo-reference guide to Irish wildflowers with index of wildflowers listed in English, Latin and Gaeilge. The site includes identifying by colour and month and a section on wildflowers associated with different habitats
in Ireland.
BioImages - Vitual Field Guide (UK) A very useful site with a good search facility and pictures often covering a flower's minute features. Chiltern Wildflowers Photos of British Wildflowers and Wild Plants taken around the Chiltern's woods, meadows and fields. Wakefield Wild Flowers This Wakefield-based website is dedicated to wild flowers. There is a photo gallery and an identification database of flowers by colour and flowering time. Floras on Line Plant photographic websites across the world

Useful Botanical Sites

Botanical Society of the British Isles
Tracing its origins back to 1836 the society includes professional and amateur members and is the largest
botanical organisation in the UK.

National Biodiversity Network
View distribution maps and download UK wildlife data.

Find Wild Flowers
A good site for identifying a plant.  Enter a plant's characteristics and do a search.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Includes a good search facility

The Natural History Museum
Find a list of plants for a particular postcode

The Wild Flower Society
A national society originally created to help young amateur botanists. Walks are organised
to teach members to recognise plants and are now enjoyed by young and old.

Plants For A Future
Where to find the edible, Medicinal and other uses for a plant.

Arable Plants - a field guide
Fully interactive, searchable version of the book published jointly by English Nature & WildGuides

Flora Locale
Flora Locale promotes the wise use of native flora; encouraging good practice to those involved in the supply of 
native plants and seeds, and to professional land managers restoring wildplants to the countryside

The Seed Site
Harvesting, sowing, germination, seedling images, plant index. Sections on wildflowers and butterflies.">The Seed Site
Harvesting, sowing, germination, seedling images, plant index. Sections on wildflowers and butterflies.

Boston Seeds
Boston Seeds sell native wildflower seeds, plants and bulbs

Plantlife International
Plantlife International is a charity dedicated exclusively to conserving all forms of plantlife in the UK, Europe
and across the world in their natural habitats.

Other interesting sites

The Knutsford Ornithological Society
One of the first WEB sites for birdwatchers in the UK.  Always full of interest and containing an excellent
collection of sound recordings.

South Lancs Flora 
The website will further supplement the South Lancashire Flora publication by displaying photographs 
of plants recorded from South Lancashire. As the website develops further tips on plant identification 
will also be added.

The Liverpool Botanical Society
A voluntary organisation whose objective is to study and record the flora of the Merseyside and Sefton Coast areas

rECOrd is the Local Biological Records Centre serving Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral.
Merseyside Naturalists' Association 
The MNA arranges indoor and outdoor meetings on wildlife in the North West of England and North Wales area. 
The MNA caters for a wide variety of natural history interests. We have an extensive programme of field 
meetings by private transport and also by coach. There are four pick-up points for coach trips - two in 
Liverpool and two in Wirral. 
Fungalpunk Nature
Fungalpunkna - an informative choice dish of the natural world with a seasoning of punk rock for flavour 
Discount Hearing Aids 
Discount Hearing Aids are a network of Independent Digital Hearing Aid Suppliers offering a low cost, high 
quality service through most parts of the UK. We offer some of the lowest prices in the UK with the widest 
choice available along with great aftercare. 

Dean Eades birding site 
Birdguides Photo of the Year Winner 2008 

Northern Ontario Flora 
This site ia aimed at teaching students and foresters more about the local Ontario flora and more about 
world flora. 

Stockport Teescope and Binocular Centre 
Based at Stockport, Greater Manchester, and established for over 20 years, this is a good place to buy 
optical equipment including binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. They have their own in house repair 
and service department catering for all types of equipment and warranty repairs. Tel 0161 4298002 

An English Country Garden 
A catalogue of Birds, Animals, Flowers and Trees found in an English Country Garden. 

The English Hedgerow Trust 
We aim to provide as much information as possible for any non-professionals involved with planting, 
maintaining and protecting hedgerows.
Wild About Britain 
Wild About Britain is an education charity that promotes all aspects of wildlife, the environment, and 
conservation throughout the British Isles.
Cheshire Wildlife Trust 
The county wildlife trust covering Cheshire, The Wirral, Trafford, Tameside and Stockport 

Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts 
The co-ordinating body for the County Wildlife Trusts 

The Manchester Field Club 
A voluntary organisation whose objective is to study and record the flora and fauna of the Greater 
Manchester area 

Lowestoft Naturalist 
A natural history website of the North Suffolk area by Colin Jacobs.
Judy Woods Heritage Site 
The Judy Woods Heritage site at Bradford. 

Anglesey - Weather, Wildlife, History, Places of interest 
A superb site by Donald Perkins who lives in Llansadwm, Anglesey. The section covering the ecology 
of Anglesey is full of interest. 

Comprehensive Seed and Gardening Resources 
Lots of good links to interesting sites 

Free site Search Engine 
Free upto 3,000 pages